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Crude Oil Division

With over 30 years in the petroleum business, Mission Petroleum Carriers has established its reputation as a trusted carrier of crude oil throughout Texas and surrounding states. Through our large fleet of tractors and trailers, we gather and move approximately 100,000 barrels of crude oil every day from wellheads to final destinations.

We have developed and maintained strong partnerships with large numbers of producers and we understand the specialized needs of the markets we serve. Our crude oil personnel apply industry expertise and niche capabilities to create safe, reliable results for our clients. We place strict emphasis on safety, assuring customer's products are handled and delivered in adherence to all safety and hazardous material regulations and standards. With a proven track record in commodity transportation, you can count on Mission Petroleum Carriers to serve you.

The Crude Oil Division Difference


Mission Petroleum Carriers makes safety the central component of all of our training programs. As a specialized carrier working with hazardous substances, we place an enormous emphasis on proper, comprehensive training to ensure the health and safety of our trucking crew and all those working around them. All of our drivers receive in-depth training on an a continuous basis to minimize risk and prevent life-threatening accidents. Drivers receive continuous training in crucial areas, including:


Great results require competent, well trained people. Our personnel offer the necessary critical support required req uired to drive operation reliability. By having a strong, supportive environment, our crew members receive a more valuable work experience, while our clients benefit from exceptional service. Whether it's championing safety practices or overseeing the department all together, our team delivers sustainable solutions so that we continue moving forward.

Recruiting and Retention

At Mission Petroleum Carriers, we stay ahead of the industry by attracting and training outstanding employees. We understand that recruiting and retaining the best in the business requires a blend of a talented recruitment team, first-class training and competitive pay and benefits – and that's exactly what we offer. We foster a culture of respect, diversity, safety and openness. Through this, we maintain a strong workforce that keeps us ahead of the game.


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