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Mission's Crude Oil Transportation Fleet

Power Equipment – Mission employs a modern fleet of Peterbilt tractors to meet the daily challenges encountered when transporting crude oil. Transportation of crude oil requires traveling off-road to production sites. Peterbilt’s rugged durability combined with Mission’s superior preventative maintenance programs ensure that products are moved on schedule and that our drivers are provided a comfortable and efficient working environment.

Crude Oil Trailer Equipment – Mission primarily employs a modern fleet of Stephens DOT 407 trailers. Trailers are equipped with Garnett and/or Titan over-fill devices to gauge the quantity of product loaded and to protect against overfills, over-weights and product retention.

Mission's Gasoline Transportation Fleet

Power Equipment – Mission employs a modern fleet of Freightliner tractors to transport gasoline within the major markets. Freightliner provides a lightweight and highly maneuverable vehicle that allows for delivery of the maximum legal volume of products safely to retail outlets.

Gasoline Trailer Equipment – Mission has a modern fleet of well maintained light weight trailers that allow for the delivery of the maximum legal quantities of products and helps assure that products are delivered on schedule.

On-Board Computer Automation

Mission’s trucks are equipped with on-board Qualcomm systems. The Qualcomm equipment is completely integrated with Mission’s information system. This provides the benefits of continual load tracking, in-cab printing of customer documents, safety controls and efficiency of operation. The system provides shipment information to customers while helping control shipment efficiency and shipment safety.


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